Workshop: Leaving Your Legacy Through Stories

Join us on June 21 at 9:30am with Ruth Wilson and Robert Crossley who will facilitate a writing workshop to help attendees record stories of their life experiences for future generations.

An interactive workshop about leaving your personal legacy through your own stories. This workshop is designed to help you become more than a name with birth and death dates on a chart. We will discuss the differences between geneaology and stories and discover the importance and power of storytelling. Learn how to recall and recreate experiences, as well as embellish the stories of your life to record and share your legacy for generations.

Tickets are $20. Reservations are required.

Some comments from previous attendees:

"I didn't think I had anything in my life that would be of interest to anyone, however, I learned how the smallest detail can tell you a lot about who I am."

"Great presentation! A real thought provoker."

"I want to be more than a name on a chart...I want my family to know who I really am, not just when I was born and when I died. I want them to know how I lived."

Event date: 
Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 9:30am
Event address: 
555 Main St.
Pleasanton, CA 94566